Degree thesis in Industrial Chemistry by Dr. Lorenzo Conti, future materials technologist

When at the beginning of 2021 Lorenzo Conti started at Techpol a classic practical internship we introduced this young talented young man to a new product line that the company intended to develop: special polymers and integration with thermosetting elastomer compounds.

We identified with him the title of his thesis: “FKM FLOURATED RUBBER” which in some way was taken as a basis in the development of new products / components in particular on electric vehicle applications.

This thesis was structured on three main topics: 

  • study and characterization of the compounds
  • analysis of the molding process
  • characterization of the final product.

Everything was carried out in full collaboration between the company's production experiences, the internal control machinery of our Laboratory and some tests carried out in collaboration with the Universities of Bologna and Camerino.

The final result was a real success as it was possible to obtain the best from a close-knit and cohesive work group where Dr. Conti was able to absorb the efficiency of the TECHPOL "method".

Now the company has decided to hire Dr. Conti to carry on that research and innovation work started with the thesis work and which has always been the point of reference for "continuous improvement".

 Dr. Conti, future materials technologist, will represent a further step to be included in the technical team to guarantee TECHPOL:

  • production efficiency;
  • ever greater consistency in the concept of circular economy and Smart Factory;
  • productive integration in completing the polymeric components with thermosetting elastomers, in line with the philosophy of "Metal replacement technology".

Congratulations to Dr. Conti from the whole Techpol team.

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