Extension of legality rating

The Italian Competition and Market Authority has renewed the legality rating of Techpol Srl. General Secretary Guido Stazi communicated this in a letter which we publish in full below.

Following this renewal, our company obtained the legality rating with the score of "two stars and two +".

The legality rating is an indicator of the company’s compliance with high standards of legality and in a broader sense it is an indicator of the focus on principles of ethical behaviour throughout corporate activities.

The confirmation and improvement of the legality rating by Techpol represents an important step in the pursuit of compliance that the company has already started with the adoption of its own Management, Organization and Control Model for the management of company activities ( MOG 231) and with the definition of its own Code of Ethics (visit the page dedicated to the Code of Ethics).

Having obtained and improved the legality rating is a further achievement and confirmation of the constant work aimed at seeking increasingly higher quality standards in response to the needs of our customers in the Automotive sector and beyond.

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