Quality control and test laboratory

To reach the highest standards of cleanness for Techpol produced components, we have installed a new Clean room.
It is a sealed room with controlled atmosphere (atmospheric pressure and particle pollution) with forced recycling of super-filtered air, within which there is an ultrasound washing machine, where the parts are "shaken" and where every dust particle is removed and then controlled after a final inspection in the laboratory.
The purity of the air in this room is decidedly superior to that of an operating theatre and therefore, the staff who work here must wear sterile lab coats, shoe covers, hats and masks. Access is only permitted to trained staff who know how to perform every stage in the production flow-chart. Clean Room - Techpol Srl

To guarantee the quality of product processes, machinery and equipment are constantly monitored and updated.

Zeiss OI-442

3D probe measurement

Optical measurement

CALYPSO software

Zeiss OI-442 - Techpol Srl

O-INSPECT multisensor measuring machines from ZEISS enable you to optimally measure each characteristic – optically or by contact.
Together with ZEISS CALYPSO, ZEISS O-INSPECT opens up entirely new dimensions of visualization. You see the actual status, nominal display and deviations simultaneously, making it particularly easy to properly allocate and interpret the measuring results.


Mass technology

Reduction of measurement time

Excellent accuracy

Zeiss Contura - Techpol Srl

ZEISS CONTURA enables you to be prepared today for the measurement requirements of tomorrow: the new generation is equipped with the mass technology and, thanks to a common interface, enables simple switching between different sensor technologies in just a few simple steps.


3D probe measurement

3D drawing import

Automatic program

ITP - Techpol Srl

3D Measuring machine ITP allows to measure geometrically complicated parts thanks to indexed feeler pin.
Its wide work top grants freedom of movement and it makes easier the measuring of medium size parts.
Thanks to the possibility of importing 3D model and thanks to (automatic) measuring software, ITP is constatly working and granting excellent results.

ATOS CORE Professional

3D probe measurement

GigE CCD-Cameras

Authomatic parametric analysis

ATOS CORE professional

ATOS CORE Professional is a machine designed to make 3D measure of small/medium sized components. You can run completely authomatic analysis of shapes and dimensions.

It uses parametric analysis in order to score every action and all steps run in the software. It consists of GigE CCD-Cameras, based upon the so called "split design" concept between electronics and optics; a dedicated computer and software.

Tec-pol has decided to buy this machine in order to fulfil our clients requests about small details measurings: it is a machine already known by our clients portfolio (Automotive). It is a very important 3D machine because it can help you reducing the analysis time and getting a first result about shapes and overall dimensions of a produced part.

Modular rheometer Anton Paar MCR 102

Strain Sweep

Frequency Sweep

Temperature Sweep

Reometro Modulare Anton Paar MCR 102

Dynamic-mechanical analysis is a technique for materials characterization, which provides indications on thermal and viscoelastic properties under dynamic conditions.
More precisely, it is used in the field of rheology, a branch of physics that studies the flow of matter, primarily in a liquid state, but also as soft solids.
This technique, through the use of a torsional rheometer, applies an oscillating dynamic force to a material specimen, under particular conditions of frequency and amplitude of deformation.
The response of the material is recorded and splitted into the components "in phase", the elastic nature of the material, and "out of phase" the viscous nature of the material.
It is therefore possible to obtain a description of the viscoelastic nature of the material, in a wide range of temperature, frequency and deformation.
Using such a rheometer, it is also possible to carry out stress/relaxation experiments or creep experiments (deformation under constant stress).
The data obtained through the combination of the various measuring techniques can be used to investigate the molecular architecture of a polymer as well as to determine its glass transition temperature, composition and flow properties.
If applied to a composite material, the technique allows to study its behaviour during the manufacturing phase and provides useful indications on its composition and morphology.
This approach is of paramount importance in the development of techno-materials and can be used  in the field of plastics and rubbers.
The Anton Paar MCR rheometer, recently acquired by Techpol together with a proper training program, represents an excellence in the field of instrumentation for the dynamic-mechanical analysis of materials and offers a wide range of possibilities together with a high flexibility in the preparation of specific tests.
It also represents an important tool for scientific research, technical development and production control.


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