Techpol, a company of excellence at the exhibition on 150 years of Vallesina history

Techpol will be part of the exhibition "Jesi and the 20th century towards 2050 - The butterflies are coming", set up at the former headquarters of Banca Marche, in Corso Matteotti in Jesi.

The exhibition kicks off fifty days of events, meetings, debates and shows with the aim of witnessing the development of the City of Jesi in the 20th Century and projecting the city towards 2050.

Our company, at the invitation of Confindustria Ancona, which will celebrate its 80 years of history in the context of the exhibition, 'brings' its idea of ​​the future: the automotive sector with its metamorphoses and technological challenges, electric motors designed for platforms that redesign mobility, wellness components, gadgets and products with a high technological and aesthetic content.

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