Our aims

To maintain an environmental management system that conforms to all requirements as set down in the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 regulation, applying, where possible, integrative models for the quality and safety systems.

Should this be requested, to communicate with the public and other stakeholders, engaging in open dialogue.

To promote the responsibilities of employees of every level with regard to protecting the environment and to implement information and training programmes for staff.

To ensure cooperation with public authorities.

To familiarise itself with the environmental management of its suppliers.

To assess the introduction of raw and auxiliary materials with greater sustainability than those currently in use, into the production process.

To assess beforehand all environmental impact of new processes and changes to existing systems.

To prevent and mitigate the impact of its activities on soil and ground water.

To control and reduce impact on surface water.

To control and reduce the production of atmospheric pollutants.

To improve the management of waste produced, with specific attention on hazardous waste types.

To implement the measures required to reduce the impact of emergency situations on the environment.

To control water consumption.

To check the amount and types of raw materials and finished products for the correct definition of environmental indicators.