E-mobility: new project for a leading car manufacturer

Techpol is not only represented by the innovative technologies it uses and develops, but also by the values on which Techpol srl places emphasis: among these the sustainability.

Techpol srl recognizes the centrality of the "green" industry and the need for products in line with the principles that this implies: an example, electric mobility.

For some time now, E-mobility has represented a challenge for our company to be taken up with maximum commitment, starting from 2019 when 60% of our turnover was made up of products intended for the internal combustion engine.

In recent years we have therefore concentrated our commercial action and our technical research on applications attributable to the electric motor (DU - Drive Unit) and on all other applications not involved in the electric mobility revolution such as braking systems, and chassis components, obtaining new projects that will allow us to replace the applications dedicated to endothermic.

In this regard, an important project in the e-mobility for a leading car manufacturer is finally in series production (the first parts in the image above).

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