Sara, new deputy shift manager for over 20 years in Techpol

We are glad to announce the promotion of our Team member Sara to new deputy shift manager.

Sara has been working with us for over 20 years and thanks to the skills and professionalism she has gained over the years, together with her shift manager, she is able to manage a shift of 11 people in one of the 4 departments of injection moulding machines, anthropomorphic robots, automation and robotics.

Sara with her skill knows how to solve very difficult technical problems and has been able to assert herself, assuming a role of responsibility, in a sector, such as that of production, which is generally represented by "men".

Techpol, in fact, has always been a company that is careful to offer women the full possibility of participation and leadership in the workplace: 38% of the total workforce is represented by women. In office staff, women account for 52%; in production staff they represent a percentage of 27.77% (2021 data). 

Our compliments to Sara from the whole team!


 In the photo: Sara and her colleague Mirko shift manager


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