Women in key-roles at Techpol

With its 181 employees and an average age of 38 years, Techpol has always invested in human resources that are considered strategic and essential for the growth and innovation of the company.

It is remarkable that 38% of the total workforce is represented by women: in white-collar personnel, women account for 52%; in production personnel they represent a percentage of 27.77% (2021 data).

In the years 2019 and 2020, women accounted for 34% of the total.

And in the company it is women who cover managerial and strategic roles for the core business of Techpol: from Alessandra Romagnoli, Managing Director of the company to Lorenza Veneto, Head of Production, Sara Ambrosini, Key Account Manager, Valeria Pasqualini, Purchase Specialist, Ilenia Papi, HR Manager (pictured below).

A team of women, representatives of a female leadership style, protagonists in a predominantly male market, the automotive one.

"In our company - says Alessandra Romagnoli - managerial roles have always been equally distributed between men and women and it is not a question of quota but of talent and merit, the only rewarding elements".

A few days ago, the newspaper "Corriere Adriatico" also dedicated a nice article to the company on the topic of female incidence in Techpol: we propose it again below.

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